FM Buddy

FM Buddy is an API Abstraction platform designed to streamline FileMaker API integrations. FM Buddy also also provides developers with new and powerful tools to allow them effortlessly extend the FileMaker platform.

FM Buddy Pro

The true power of FM Buddy comes with its tight integration with our cloud infrastructure. This allows FM Buddy to create URLs that can send data to your server in real time without having to configure any network access. Avoid tedious network configurations or having to work closely with IT departments, we take care of all of that for you. As long as your server can access the internet it can receive data in real time. FM Buddy Pro is required to run any of the Service API modules such as Google Suite, Dropbox, and Twilio. During the beta period for this product you can purchase a 60 day license of the FM Buddy Pro features and any of the modules. Feedback is highly encourage, your input now will shape the future of the product.


The FM Buddy Twilio module allows you to send and recieve text messages in real time, without the need for an additional server. This module also allows you to manage your Twilio account and purchase phone numbers.


The FM Buddy Dropbox module allows your to browse, share, upload, download, and sync your FileMaker data to dropbox.


The FM Buddy Google module allows you to connect FileMaker with Google Drive and Google Mail