Time Travel Does Exist!

Integrate popular APIs and the Filemaker platform in minutes...not hours.


Get Google API data with out all the hassle of setup and tokens.


Communicate with ease. Instantly connect with your customers.


Take teamwork to the next level. Use Dropbox APIs and FileMaker's to easily upload, download, and share your documents.

Developer Tools

Gain access to advanced tools to enhance your development.

Instant APIs. Native FileMaker Code.

Tap into the power of FM Buddy with robust FileMaker native code examples to get you off the ground quickly.

Designed For Developers

Perform regular expression at a scale no filemaker plugin could achieve, generate JSON Web Tokens, manipulate arrays, merge PDFs, and convert XML to JSON and back.

Transparent Implementation

FM Buddy will abstract the complex authentication structures of your favorite services while maintaining a secure connection to your data.

Real Time Updates. Automatic Sync.

Implement logic to connect responses directly to your FileMaker tables. A file updates on Google Drive? FM Buddy will push that file to your table!